Bible Study: For Real for Eternity


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This eBook offer is a free sample containing the first 24 pages of the complete book. Download it for free to take a look at what this book offers. More advanced studies are found in the complete eBook offered exclusively on Amazon Kindle. You can link to the eBook on Kindle here.

Why study the Bible? I hear a number of people ask that question. I should say a number of Christians ask that question. Why should you learn how to study the Bible? I’ve also met a number of new Christians who asked me how they should study the Bible. I know from experience, no one is going to jump up to the level of study I’ve been able to find, learn, and verify in the scriptures. How did I achieve my level of expertise in the scriptures? I learned a few basic study methods, and you know what, I saw how the Bible is designed to be a self teaching set of books. People who read a lot of the Bible know that. Some are even able to explain exactly how the Bible is able to teach people how to read and understand everything in the Bible. Or at least what they are ready to learn, what Jesus is ready to teach, and what God is ready to reveal. And one more thing. Opening the Bible without the Spirit along side of you to guide you will never do anyone any good. You need the Spirit to begin, progress to the next level, and give you what you need when you need it.

Why did I decide to write a book about Bible Study? There is this parable about finding a pearl of great size and beauty. There is nothing like that pearl in the world. The man, we don’t know his name, what he does for a living, or really anything about that man. All we know is, he sold everything he had to buy that one pearl. Of course the man is a symbol. So is the pearl. Most people teach and believe that pearl represents Christ. Most people restrict that GREAT TREASURE to knowing Christ. And most people restrict knowing Christ as using Him as a get into Heaven free pass. Sorry to say that, but it is the truth. There is a simple Bible Study rule you have to learn, and see how it relates to every symbol in the Bible. Symbols always point to something MUCH GREATER. So what GREAT TREASURE does that pearl point to? Really – ask yourself, “what is a relationship with Christ?” Whoever wrote the Book of Hebrews called Christ, “the Author and Finisher of our faith.” What does it mean to be an Author and Finisher? What is faith? Most Christians have no idea what faith is. Faith is an investigation. Look the word faith up in the Greek Concordance. Look up other common words used by the Christian community such as grace, redemption, sanctification, and others. You’ll find how those and other words have been modified to reach and ease the minds of modern day Christians. The most common words used to describe and explain salvation have been redefined. They do not have the same meaning Paul had in mind when he wrote his letters. Which is why so many people have trouble understanding Paul’s letters.


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