This series of books is a collection of prophecies in the Bible that have been fulfilled on time and with perfect order. How can anyone expect to understand any prophecy in the Bible if they have not studied prophecies that have been fulfilled and how God of course also recorded all of those details? God uses a specific pattern throughout the Bible that is not too difficult to understand. Why man has been trying to invent new standards for God’s Word is beyond belief. You can compare for yourself all the facts direct from scripture and all the insane methods some people use to interpret scripture.



This eighth book in this series covers the last few prophecies in Isaiah, which are two of the most important. Isaiah’s last few prophecies take on a whole new dimension as the symbols and lessons span generations from the fall of Jerusalem, to their fulfillment during Jesus’ ministry, and ahead to the last days. Each of these events are tied together through key words, related themes, and of course, parallel chapters previous books in this series covered. Reading through the prophecies Jeremiah recorded explains why he was given the title of the weeping prophet generations ago. People studied those prophecies well over 150 years ago, and knew what they pointed to. Today many people preach about some of those stories in the Gospels with no idea they are a fulfillment of prophecy. Once you see how those prophecies are connected to the stories in the Gospels and other books from the New Testament, you’ll never look at those stories the way you’ve been taught. It wasn’t by plan the last two chapters of Isaiah are in the same book as Jeremiah, but looking at that sequence shows how the Bible has been arranged so one author’s book leads into the next. The end of Isaiah’s book deals with the fall of Jerusalem. Jeremiah’s ministry centered in Jerusalem, telling how events and decisions lead to its destruction. The same sequence is seen in the order of prophecies recorded from book to book in the Bible. Isaiah provided a review or summary of Jesus’ ministry. Jeremiah added to that summary by adding prophecies about Jesus toughest days and greatest disappointments.


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