This is basically the opening page for Exodus. I have numerous Studies and Chapters from my published books covering many parts of Exodus. If you don’t see what you are looking for, send me and email or leave a comment. I also have a vast collection of personal studies I can either post or share privately. 

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This page will explain the Top Menu on every Page in AdventBibleStudy.com

The Top Menu is a list of Bible Books.

It will take some time to add all 66 Books in the Bible.

Each Book has a Drop Down.

Hover your courser over the Book to see a list of Studies, articles, and Stories from that Book in the Bible. On your phone you can click on the Down Arrow.

Click on any Link you wish to View.

If you do not see the Chapter you are looking for, try using the SEARCH option located on either the side or Bottom of the Page. Enter in your Book and Chapter. (I. E. Exodus 1)

The results will show every Article containing the phrase Genesis 1. You can also enter names, phrases, cities, symbols, and other search terms in the Search Box.

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