Editorials: Current Events

Bible Study should be neutral and unbiased. The goal of Bible Study is to teach people how to study scripture on their own and work with the Holy Spirit to teach directly from the Bible. Then there comes a time we see unquestionable signs of the last days. Of course stories in the Bible add light on current events. This section of Editorials: Current Events provides examples of stories in scripture and explains how they are related to current events we see unfolding on a daily basis. Here we look at scripture and explain how stories in the Bible are related to events we see unfolding today. This section goes far beyond other sites and studies that claim to interpret prophecies. Here we look at literary styles used throughout the Bible and explain how key words and phrases lead us through Bible Study linking stories, establishing trusted timelines, and teach lessons that have a direct bearing on the history we see unfolding before our eyes.

Editorials: Current Events explains how scripture is designed to lead each of us through the Bible, linking stories, revealing timelines, and how the Bible establishes its own links showing how history is being repeated. Each of us experience trails on a personal basis. Only God’s Spirit knows the comfort you need, the messages you need to deliver, and who to deliver those messages to. Those are skills that need to be developed. Peter didn’t have that skill until after meeting the Spirit at Pentecost. Paul didn’t have that skill until after Jesus blinded him, then had a long talk with Paul. After that it took Paul three years of learning at Jesus’ feet before he was able to put scripture in the proper order that showed the world faults in the teachings of the priests and Pharisees. Once those faults were revealed, phase two of Paul’s ministry took off, teaching people how the Spirit leads them through scripture. What makes people today think they don’t have to go through the same classes Peter and Paul had to go through before spreading the Gospel.