The Missing Rib – How To Study Using A Concordance

The Missing Rib – How To Study Using A Concordance

Hi Guys. Not much of a response to the first study. Kind of makes me think. Are we already in the prophetic phase where love in this world disappeared. Let me tell you something I learned. There are far more than a million false, deceptive loves in this world. But there is only one love that comes from Heaven, It is pure, untainted, nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. Why do you think Jesus used a woman to teach that lesson about living water. That love your looking for comes only from Jesus. Have you read the Gospels? Did you pick up on that point? Is it making sense now?

Maybe men think they already have the answer. I’ve studied with hundreds of men and women. It’s not uncommon to run across a few people whose main concern it to impress people with the little they know. But after a time, everyone sees through them. It isn’t long before people see, those know it all’s may know maybe five of six answers. They show their real faith and knowledge when they use those same six answers for every subject. They think that is God’s Spirit working in them. But I got news for you. God’s Spirit is Infinite. He never runs out of new things to teach you. I know that for sure. He has been teaching me for over thirty years. Not one day has He every failed to wow and humble me with a new message. That is knowing the Infinite God.

Maybe men don’t need women anymore. Is that why there was no response to the first lesson? Has society today grown to the point — well I don’t want to dwell on that point. But didn’t Jesus tell us to watch out for a time when the world will be just like some evil ancient city that no longer exists? Ummm ….. that would explain a lot of things I’ve been seeing today. A lot of things happening in the world today.

But I don’t see any value in thinking about, much less studying or discussing those subjects. Those are nothing more than distractions designed to waste our time. And guys, we ain’t got time to waste. We got things to build. How is your project from lesson 1 going?

That’s one thing I want to make clear. I found my missing rib. I found my godly woman. And she is far, far more than I ever expected. Can we be honest here for a moment? I got divorced a few years ago. I know how the world slams you around and how this world is going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. It happened to me. I was married to the queen of deception. Oh — that not only hurt… I mean that divorce not only caused more emotional, and physical pain, it cost me a boat load of money, including my house. That’s what that deceptive love will always do. Imagine building up far more than $100,000 in equity in a house and walking away with $3000. You do the math.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative but make a point so I can point out one aspects of that missing rib. When you find her, she will turn that pain into joy. She will help you see and understand lessons you need to learn from your past mistakes. You guys, you have to look for a woman that will understand your past mistakes and learn from them. In this world, your more than likely to find a godly woman who made a few mistakes herself. Now we can look at a warning sign. How does she explain those mistakes? It is a huge flashing red flag when a woman blames those mistakes on someone else, like an ex husband or boy friend. That is a major indication she is looking for someone to feel sorry for her. Because that will never, ever fulfill her needs, she will go out to find someone else to give more of that false love. It is like a meal made up of empty calories. That meal may make you feel okay for a while, but you will have to keep coming back for more.

Look at as your climb up God’s mountain. How is that image of that spiritual mountain shaped in your mind? Is it wide at the bottom and very narrow at the top? Well let me tell you, the higher up you are, the fewer people your gonna see up there. If your looking for your missing rib, that godly woman your praying for, the higher up you are, the fewer choices your gonna have. You know if you go to the base of that mountain there is going to be plenty of choices. But you don’t want that anymore. Isaiah explained it like this.

In the last days, the mountain of the LORD’s house will be the highest of all– the most important place on earth. It will be raised above the other hills, and people from all over the world will stream there to worship. People from many nations will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of Jacob’s God. There he will teach us his ways, and we will walk in his paths.” For the LORD’s teaching will go out from Zion; his word will go out from Jerusalem. (Isaiah 2:2-3 NLTse).

You can read the rest of that chapter yourself. If the Lord doesn’t teach you a half dozen new things out of that story, your not paying attention. Let me tell you a few things about the house I’ve been building. Yes, we can tell people things about the house God has us building. You see, we’ve been there. God taught us a ton of lessons while building that house where Jesus is the corner stone and foundation. But each house is a little different. All those houses being built are in different stages. That’s the way God intended it to be. You can tell people about your house, but not about their house. That would be what we refer to as trespassing. You need an invitation to see what’s inside another person’s home. Otherwise you only see the outside. Are you beginning to understand?

In my house, I’m learning a ton about why God referred to a godly woman as rubies and a treasure. And why God referred to His laws and knowledge as a woman. Don’t forget who wrote about that. David and Solomon may have had more women than we could imagine, but Solomon made it clear, there was only one capable of teaching him what a real woman was. With all the knowledge Solomon had, he didn’t catch on to that lesson until he was old. Maybe too old to do anything with all that knowledge. How can God give one man more wisdom than anyone in the world, and that guy missed one of the most important lessons? Let’s not make the same mistake.

Let’s look at two important aspects of a godly woman. To me the most important are prayer and studying scripture. I’m not talking about knowing half a dozen verses, or watching a few videos on the Internet. I am certainly not talking about sitting in a pew and letting someone study for her, then give a quick overview. No woman in this world will never develop a personal relationship with God through the eyes and thoughts of another person. I’m talking about a spiritual woman who knows God and can’t help but express her love for God. She expresses that love in her actions, moods, and the way she reaches out to nurture and help people. The world calls is motherly instincts. The godly woman knows her love has nothing to do with this world, but comes from Heaven.

God never gave anyone a single gift without giving them the ability to explain where that gift came from, how they received it, and how other people can ask for that gift. God gives the gift of teaching with every spiritual gift. They come as a package deal. Especially with women. A godly woman not only has the ability to share her spiritual gifts, she can’t help but teach other people about those gifts. It is a natural ability attached with every spiritual gift.

Men, the first two gifts you want to look for are prayer and understanding scripture. You’ll find her prayers are not going up to God’s throne, but she is there in front of God’s throne when she prays. She is at God’s throne when she praises Him. A spiritual woman knows how to praise God. She knows how to teach others how to praise God. A spiritual woman is at God’s feet when she pleads for her family. She knows exactly how God gives her the love, compassion, and comfort those around her need. Come on now men, pay attention to those gifts in action in front of your eyes. Study them. Think about them. Learn to appreciate them. They are part of your missing rib. Only a woman from God can show you the feminine side of God He took out of you. If you think a guy can teach you that …. well the answer should be obvious.

How well does a woman of God know scripture? She sees things in scripture most men miss. She sees God’s love and compassion like only a woman can understand. I’ve had my missing rib show be God’s compassion on Jude’s book. I’m man enough to admit, I missed it until she showed it to me and explained what it meant to her. How God can touch her heart in the middle of turmoil. She also explains her trials in life as if they were lessons she had to endure just so God could prepare the perfect woman for me. Yes, in this world a woman of God has to suffer many trials. In this world a godly woman has to learn from those trials, just like Jesus had to learn from the trials He faced. A woman can understand them much better than any man. Why does a woman have to suffer?

God is preparing the perfect woman for you. And after you meet her and fall in love, the enemy is gonna launch attacks you never imagined. Did you ever consider those future trials as a sacrifice? You’d better. God has no choice but to put your woman through unimaginable trials before she meets you, just so she knows exactly what your going through and how to comfort you. I got news for you guys. A woman of God already put in her time and sacrifice. All you can do is dedicate your life and love to her to make up for all the pain she suffered so she could stand at your side and hold you up when you feel like giving up.

Now for the lesson you need to learn. Did you look up that word rib and follow it through the Hebrew dictionary like I told you to? You’ll never understand until you finish that first step. Want to hear what a godly woman taught me? Ever hear of what a lot of people refer to the parable of the sower? You know the one where the farmer is scattering seeds and it falls in all kinds of places? One of those places was on a road, or a path. Want to know what that path represents? Come on now. That farmer was a guy right. And we gotta stick together right. We gotta support each other. That farmer wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t wasting seed on some major highway along side of his field. He was a man and real men take pride in their work. You know that. He is trying to spread that seed in even rows so when it grows up the neighbors will admire his work. That’s what we like to do men. We like to do our work the right way and maybe show off a little bit. That’s part of what we call human nature.

So the farmer goes back and forth in nice even rows. He has a vision of what it will look like when it grows up. That’s what we do whenever we work on any project. That’s what makes us men, our vision. Well everyone seems to have this problem. People cutting through the yard. Some people are senseless and disrespectful. The nicer the yard, the better kept it is, the more inviting it is for people to cut across. That was the path the farmer sowed that seed on in the parable Jesus taught. That path was a short cut people made across his nice field. The man was trying to cover up that path so people stopped using it. So don’t take short cuts. You can look at that parable to find out what happened to that seed.

I know guys love to ignore instructions. They think that’s what real men do. But in this case, that short cut ain’t gonna work. So here are the step by step instructions to look up and study that word rib in Genesis chapter 2.

You’ll notice the word rib is repeated. I explained why in lesson 1. The word ribs has two Strong’s numbers attached to it. Look up both those Hebrew words and follow through the entire sequence. Every time you see a Hebrew word was created from another word, look up that number and read the definition. Do this until you run out of numbers. Then look at that list. Look at the sequence. See what that rib really represents.

Your not done yet. That was only the first step. You’d never put that car together using the screws and leaving off the nuts. Would you? The next thing you want to do is look up a few verses that Hebrew word for ribs is used. You can see a quick list of scripture if your using a paper Concordance. If your using a computer, it takes a few extra steps. I use e-Sword. It is the world’s most popular Bible Study program and best of all, it’s free.

You’ll have to download the KJV+ Bible version. That has the Strong’s numbers in the scripture. You’ll also have to download the Strong’s Concordance. I’ll teach you a little trick I learned. If you ever have trouble on a computer, as an 8 year old for help. Got the computer all fired up and ready to go?

Open the search window in e-Sword. The little icon at the top that looks like a pair of binoculars. In the search window, first one on the left, enter the Strong’s number. H6763. You have to click on the pull down for Bible versions and select the KJV+. Then click the binocular icon in the search window. What do you see?

You’ll see a long list of scripture with of course the Strong’s numbers. It’s a little hard to read. So go to the Bible window, select your favorite Bible version from the tabs at the top. Now go and click on a few of the green verse links in the search window. They will display those verses in the Bible window. Pretty cool hey. Now read a number of those verses and a few of the verses in front of and following them to get a good feeling for the context.

Now I know I could copy and paste my list from the Hebrew dictionary. And I could choose a few verses to show you what I saw. But that’s not the right way to study. That’s not right at all. I would be robbing you of precious time with God’s Spirit. And I’ll never do that.

We are all individuals. We serve an Infinite God who wants nothing more than a personal relationship with you. I refuse to rob you of time alone with God. I could never teach you 1% of what He wants to teach you. We all have our own interests and ministries. We know how God worked with us where we were when we found Him waiting for us. He is doing the same thing here. What you see will help explain your personal ministry. What you read will related directly to the level you’re at with God. I have no way of knowing that. I doubt if you want me to know. So this is something you need to do by yourself. Your not afraid to set out on a road trip on your own. Are you? No! I know you look forward to the adventure. They same is true here. Hey take a look at it. I guarantee you will be walking on clouds for days. See you there.