Did you know you can add books to your e-Sword program? Here is How to Use E-Sword and Merge with Ellen White Books

How to Use E-Sword and Merge with Ellen White Books

Here is a video that will show you how to use E-Sword, the best FREE Bible program out there. Near the end of this video you’ll see how to add Ellen White books and hundreds of other reference books to E-Sword. I also have an brief example showing how you can add your own reference material to E-SWORD and offer it on the Internet.

Download E-SWORD here http://www.e-sword.net/downloads.html

Here is my website explaining how to add your own modules to E-SWORD https://adventbiblestudy.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/the-greatest-collection-of-free-online-bible-study-material/

Here is where to download Ellen White books to use in E-SWORD http://www.sharpeningthesword.net

Here are more downloads to use in E-SWORD http://www.biblesupport.com/e-sword-downloads/

Here is the link to Screen Recorder to make videos https://screencast-o-matic.com/screen_recorder


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