Compare Revelation to the other books John has written. John’s Gospel told us about how the Holy Spirit worked behind the scenes in Jesus’ ministry on earth. John’s letters talk about Jesus’ love and concern for this planet. Revelation is no different. It is a combination of Jesus’ love and the Holy Spirit working in your ministry. When your ministry in this world parallels Jesus’ ministry in Heaven, you will know it. You will feel it. You will know Jesus’ true witnesses in a heartbeat. All the doubts and confusion about Revelation will disappear. You will hear God’s voice and feel His seal upon you. Begin today.



Why do you think it was important for Jesus to issue a warning? Jesus was writing to family when He wrote Revelation. Jesus wrote in the language His family could understand. On the other hand, Revelation chapter 9 told us how the devil can and will speak in many languages, creating an endless list of deceptions to lead people away from Christ. As the ages progress Satan hones his dark arts of deception and of course concealment. The devil hides behind crowns, scorpions, serpents and breastplates while he offers countless forms of salvation. Satan’s salvation is nothing but false hope. A poor imitation at best. But when we look at the figures presented in Revelation, a third of the people fall for one attack, a third fall under another attack. Jesus looked down over time to see people falling by the millions. He had to do something. He is doing everything. Jesus issued a letter full of warnings. But like the days when Jesus walked this earth, people doubted His Word, mistrusted Him, clung onto what they were taught, the things they thought they knew, and rejected God’s Son. Jesus’ rejection has happened time after time for generations. Satan has been having a field day offering and sometimes forcing false hope in many different forms upon people all over the world. The thought that only one man can talk to God is one of them. The hope that a priest called, “father,” can somehow forgive sins, or be the intercessory between man and God is another. There are false hopes of once saved, always saved. The false hope that somehow God judged this planet before speaking light into existence is a popular deception. The false hope that God chose one church through which souls are saved is popular today. The list goes on and on and will never end until the devil meets his fate in the lake of fire. The death of an angel and his followers is the only solution.