Parallels in Revelation: Chapters 13 to 22


Did you ever think there was something about Revelation you should know before your name comes up for judgment?


I’ve written this book with the idea of presenting Revelation as a book. Something I’ve not seen done before. Why? I don’t know. Why not read Revelation as a book and concentrate on it as a book from Heaven, a message from Jesus? John saw a series of visions in a particular order that was planned long before John arrived. Each vision built upon the previous vision. They are all recorded in the order they were viewed. The fact that the beginning and end of Revelation reminds us that this book was written by Jesus should leave some sort of impression on people. While writing this book I’ve seen sides of Jesus and visions of God I’ve never seen before. Revelation often stopped me in my tracks and made me pray and think. During that prayer time I’ve been able to see and understand details about the jobs Jesus is doing in Heaven for this world. It seems churches have been only teaching one aspect about Jesus – He saves us. But what about the other aspects of Jesus? Jesus began as the Infinite Son of God. Jesus gave up a lot to come to this world. What about the things Jesus created in this world to catch our attention and teach us spiritual lessons? What about the city Jesus is building for us? And what about the judgment process? It seems this world has been the center of attention in Heaven for some time. And this world pays little attention to what is happening in Heaven. That is an imbalance in any relationship. And a major imbalance in an infinite relationship.

As we’ve seen in this book, when we look at the visions John recorded, someone from Heaven was always there to explain all the symbols used in that vision. They always backed up in time, then proceeded forward. As we have seen in Revelation, the answers were often told or shown to John before he had a question. That tells us to always look back when we have a question in Revelation or any other book in the Bible. The Bible was divinely inspired. God knew those questions before they entered our minds. And to prove He is God, the answers were given in previous chapters. That is one of God’s signature in every book in the Bible. We don’t need committees or theologians to explain the Bible. We need the Holy Spirit, patients, and the ability to follow instructions recorded in scripture. It is as simple as that. Anything more is adding to the Bible. Anything less is subtracting from the Bible.