Isaiah contains some of the most detailed and important prophecies about Jesus. When we compare the prophecy in Isaiah to the chapter that explains how the prophecy was fulfilled, the Bible opens up doors we never imagined existed. This is the highest level of Bible Study I have experienced or heard of. The facts that are brought to light are so amazing it is like the perfect evidence to prove God’s existence.



This seventh book in this series covers some of Isaiah’s most detailed prophecies about Jesus, including Isaiah chapter 53, one of the longest and most graphic prophecies about the Messiah. But where is the fulfillment recorded? Do we simply take out a few verses from Isaiah chapter 53 and match them up with a few verses out of one or more of the Gospels? Most people think that is the right process to follow. But God had other plans. Much deeper and more detailed plans. That was a prophecy about His Son, and the world has little knowledge of how deep lessons in those prophecies reach. Faithful students of God’s Holy Word know, every prophecy has a recorded fulfillment located in scripture. Most can be located by chain references found in well written Study Bibles. But chain references contain numerous links to scripture based on key words. Those key words are a start, but not the pinnacle. Each prophecy points to a recorded fulfillment recorded in a parallel chapter. What are parallel chapters? The explanation is simple. If you understand what context is, parallel chapters will be easy to understand and study. Context simply refers to parts of a written statement that precede and follow a specific word or passage that influence its meaning and effect. If you know God, you know He doesn’t waste words. God is great at explaining terms, definitions, and symbols in the story they are found. Once you learn to read God’s Word the way it was meant to be read, you’ll never have a problem understanding any part of scripture. The trick is to read the entire story. Since context refers to words and sentences around a word or passage, why would you look anywhere else to explain a word or passage in question? Since statements around words and passages influence their meaning, they define and explain the passage in question. This is nothing new. The Bible, God’s inspired Word, follows simple literary rules. Those rules of context are the same in every language throughout the world. This may be one of the few books explaining how God used those rules. Why wouldn’t God follow those rules? God not only created languages, He also created literature. Doesn’t God always follow His own rules? Of course He does. So why don’t all Biblical scholars follow those rules? Some do. But theologians love to invent new $20,00 words for simple terms. If they didn’t invent all those long drawn out terms for simple rules of Bible Study, which is nothing more than a simple literary study, they’d have a difficult time paying for all those institutions of higher learning. I am sure, once you read this series of books, you’ll never need to run to anyone to answer a question. You’ll know how to find every answer you’ll need through prayer, reading, and an array of study methods you’ll never forget. It wouldn’t be long before you’ll be uncovering details in scripture you can’t wait to share. As far as prophecies are concerned. This book will explains parallel chapters using examples from the prophecies Jesus fulfilled. The concept is simple. Everything is based on context. The prophecy covers one main thought and lesson. Its fulfillment must cover the same basic thought and lesson. It is that easy. But that is only the beginning. Since another rule of context in scripture states that the introduction in each chapter explains the main theme in that chapter, the prophecy and introduction cover the same theme. Since the prophecy and recorded fulfillment cover the same theme, the introductions for the two parallel chapters must also cover the same theme. Sounds easy doesn’t it? As a matter of fact, it is that easy. Learning it is just as easy once you review the examples written about in this book. And there is a lot more to learn. The only question is, are you ready? What you will find in those parallel chapters is how they magnify spiritual lessons beyond all comprehension.


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