This is one book in a series of books that contains 160 prophecies about Jesus and shows the reader how the Bible links prophecies with their recorded fulfillment, No guess work is left to the imagination. Using a set of Bible Study rules each prophecy is matched with the fulfillment recorded by an inspired writer. When the two chapters are combined, they reveal more information than anyone could have imagined.



Learn how Solomon’s wisdom led him to be a prophet and walk with Isaiah through a war torn region to deliver messages to kings and leaders. Solomon recorded one of the longest prophecies covering the widest span of time. The main theme covered the gift Solomon was given. Isaiah is said to be the most quoted prophet in the New Testament. What kept drawing New Testament writers back to this ancient prophet? Learn to put yourself in Isaiah’s position to see what he saw so you can understand the faith that took him across battlefields and past blood thirsty armies who often killed for sport. Learn the back ground of those opposing forces. How they got to where they were and how God tried calling them back. Learn how the Bible recorded and reveals the spiritual meaning of each country. Watch the physical wars unfold into spiritual lessons and battles covering every inch of this world. God uses a specific process in everything. Look at the process in creation. Like everything from assembling a child’s bike to raising a skyscraper, creation required a specific sequence. We see specific sequences and patters from Genesis to Revelation. Like any apprentice, we learn patterns and the reason we have to follow them from our Master Builder. Isaiah showed us how God communicates with His servants. Jeremiah showed us how God chooses and trains prophets. Together those two books reveal a part of God’s personality few people are able to see or experience. Some of Isaiah’s most important prophecies lead to parallel chapters in the New Testament recording their fulfillment. Many of those fulfillments use contrasts to show the form of worship Jesus came to remind the world of, and the forms of worship the world decided to create and follow. This collection of studies shows the conflict between the two forms of worship in this world today. God’s faithful messengers have always called people back to God. They have always encouraged people to return to a close personal relationship with God. God’s prophets shared the same message and listened to God. Why do major institutions call people to listen to them? See how this battle developed and unfolded over history. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see the enemy repeating his most successful deceptions and creating new strategies to attack God’s followers. We can learn a lot from history. But history only tells a part of the story. Without a doubt, there is no other book in this world like the Bible – God’s inspired Word. God used a series of specific patterns to show how prophecies and their recorded fulfillments are linked. Learn to see, understand, use, and share those simple patterns in God’s Word. This is the sixth in a series of books covering the prophecies Jesus fulfilled from Genesis to Malachi. This series of books doesn’t cover every single one of those prophecies Jesus fulfilled. But this series covers a great deal of them. There is something unusual about following the order those prophecies about Jesus are recorded in the Bible. They begin with simple lessons, teaching us how to locate the recorded fulfillments in the New Testament. When we follow the simple procedures recorded in scripture, we find how the entire chapters compliment one another. Following the simple rules of context opens up a new, deeper understanding of scripture. Many other inspired writers have used these methods to locate related scripture. But I have never seen another book dedicated to explaining how to locate and confirm parallel chapters. This series of book teaches you how to effectively study on your own. With God’s Spirit of course.


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