I’m sure you have run across a lot of people claiming to be prophets, that is modern day prophets you can see through in a second. Then there are people who claim they know how to interpret scripture that may be more difficult to see through. This book is loaded with example showing how the Bible does interpret itself, and explains each example step by step. There is no need to guess ever again. If an interpreter of prophet does not know those procedures, you instantly know they are telling you their personal opinions. You will also gain the skills to study any part of scripture as well as explain Bible Study to anyone willing to learn.



This forth book in this series contains the heart of the prophecies located in Psalms, one of the most passionate, and numerous collections of prophecies Jesus fulfilled. The number of prophecies found in Psalms, and number of pages it takes to match their recorded fulfillment, and explain spiritual connections, does not make it economically feasible to include them all in one single book. So this collection of prophecies Jesus fulfilled has been divided into a number of smaller books ranging from about 220 to nearly 300 pages each. Understanding scripture is far easier than most people realize. God had a plan. His plan included simple methods to learn, understand, and teach. Jesus taught these study methods to His disciples. They are recorded in the the Gospels. I’ve written other books showing those study methods and how they were used in the Gospels. Many people already know and use a few of the rules of context to study scripture. This book explains what each method is, what they are called in simple English terms, and provides examples showing how those rules are used throughout the Bible. Once you’ve read this book, you’ll wonder why no one has ever written anything like this before. I often wonder that myself. But here it is. Like the other books in this series, this book sticks with scripture to reveal exactly how and when a number of prophecies has been fulfilled. God never needed any outside sources to reveal how any of His prophecies has been fulfilled. After reading this book, you’ll be able to personally test every modern prophet and interpretation to see if it is from God’s Throne, or this world. This book can be viewed as a Christian survival tool.


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