Finally a book that explains what prophecy is. This book is packed with examples showing the reader a prophecy about Jesus in scripture and explains the easy to follow step by step process to find exactly where God had the fulfillment recorded. In simple English, the information in this book will take the guess work out of interpreting prophecies, past, present, and future. Now you can learn how scripture really interprets scripture.

Each example goes through the entire process, repeats that process, and explains how and why God used one author to record the prophecy, and another author to record the fulfillment. You will also see how God views and treats time. God’s timing is not too difficult to understand. God’s timing is different than how this world views timing, but can be explained with scripture.



As you go through this third book in this series, you’ll see how God arranged each prophecy with a written interpretation. This book will show you how each prophecy has a parallel chapter matching the context of the chapter the prophecy is located. There is never a reason to guess at a prophecy once you learn how God’s Word is arranged to provide the fulfillment for every prophecy beyond any shadow of a doubt. God put all His proof in writing with perfect consistency. None of the rules taught in the book are new. Bible Study methods taught in this book have been around since the days of Luther. Others built upon simple the set of Bible Study rules found in scripture which have been taught in institutions of higher education for generations up until recent time. Now when it seems God’s simple rules have been lost, God’s Spirit revealed them in His Word. Over the years theologians hide many of God’s simple rules under man made terms most people need a dictionary to understand. This distracted and discouraged people from studying God’s Word over the past few generations. I’ve read a number of books over the years as well as studied with a number of pastors. We exercised each of those Bible Study rules without placing complicated terms on the studies. I’ve also found many authors place an emphasis on some study rules while glancing on others. Most books on Bible Study do a poor job of providing easy to understand examples. One of the reasons most books are difficult to understand is because many scriptures rely upon more than one rule to see its spiritual meaning. Because this book introduces each Bible Study rule in context according to the chapter it’s found in, the examples are easy to see, understand, and follow. After learning those easy methods to Study the Bible, you’ll be able to look at the interpretation of any prophecy and instantly see if it’s a reliable interpretation based on the Bible or someone’s best guess at what they think it means. This series of books provides the detailed fulfillment of over 160 prophecies in the Bible showing perfect consistency in God’s Word. Each and every interpretation follows the same set of Bible Study rules in the proper sequence showing how God established perfect order in His book. God never needed anyone to fill in details He forgot. God never needed anyone to add to His Word from other sources. Once you see the perfect order the fulfillment for each prophecy is recorded in the Bible, you’ll see unmistakable evidence showing only God could have written the collection of 66 books we refer to as the Bible. After learning how God placed absolute, unbroken, unblemished order in His Bible, you’ll never guess at another interpretation again. While studying with a number of pastors, one question seemed to always come up. The deeper we dug into God’s Word the more we discussed or questioned how to describe God’s timing? It seemed like the most difficult subject to explain. While writing this book I stumbled upon an easy explanation discussed in Psalms 69:14-31 Sour Wine – Understanding God’s Timing. That study and following studies will show you how to understand God’s timing and how He uses it to bring out more details in the lesson. You can search the Internet, other books, look where ever you want, but you won’t find another book like this. Your more than welcome to copy any of these studies or portions to teach other people how to study the Bible. All you need to do is simply ask for permission by sending me an E-mail.


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