This is the first in a series of books looking at prophecies about Jesus and showing how the recorded fulfillment in scripture teaches us how God handled every aspect of prophecy from one end to the other. Never guess at a prophecy again.



God’s Word is wisdom arranged in a series of lessons linking scripture to show His plan of salvation. Each detail is woven in His Word – like intricate fabric used in His Tabernacle. His Word like fine linen curtains in the Tabernacle were assembled with specific instructions. Jesus taught this to His disciples during His ministry and explained details during the forty days between His resurrection and ascension. The method God’s Spirit uses to teach from His Word has never changed. If you’re serious about learning how to study your Bible, why not learn directly from the source – GOD’s WORD. The instructions have never left God’s Word, His Spirit never stopped teaching how to use the simple study rules God’s Word was written to follow. The prophecies Jesus fulfilled follow a specific sequence – each prophecy a lesson – each lesson teaches a basic rule of interpretation – each rule builds on the previous lesson.


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