This is just what this world needs now, a view of Heaven, This is a short collection of the visits to Heaven the prophets recorded. I’ve never seen anyone write a book like this, I couldn’t wait to start writing it, and sharing it.



This book is a collection of 15 visions of the Heavenly Sanctuary recorded in scripture from Psalms through the Book of Hebrews. The visions John saw inside the Sanctuary and recorded in Revelation are too long to include in this book and will be released in another volume to this series. The visions prophets witnessed and recorded in Heaven reflect turning points in earth’s history, away from popular conceptions developed over generations, back to God’s original plan. Each vision showed those prophets what will happen, and why. In other words, those visions are written proof showing how the Lord’s plans are in motion, and no earthly power will delay their fulfillment. Every prophecy and vision will be fulfilled on time, and in perfect order.


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