One book in a long series of books on the Tabernacle, the temple, and the Heavenly Sanctuary. This book looks at the moved the Tabernacle made and how early Israel viewed the Tabernacle.



There is no time like the present to study the books of Joshua and Judges. What lessons do we learn from Joshua, Israel’s new leader taking God’s people into the physical promised land after wandering around the wilderness for almost a generation? Why did God take Moses out of the picture and appoint a new leader to take Israel into the promised land? Why did God open the Jordan River? Was it important to remind Israel about that Red Sea crossing at the beginning of their journey? What was the spiritual lesson? What do those lessons, and the fact God recreated the miracle have to do with the closing of earth’s history? A verse by verse study through the Book of Joshua not only opened up new insights into the event, the author explained exactly what Bible Study rules were followed, and how scripture explained each of those rules of context in a manner that makes it easy to learn each step in the study process.


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