This is one book in a ling series about the Tabernacle, how it was transformed into a stone temple, and what how they relate to the Heavenly Sanctuary.



This book shows how Moses reviewed everything he taught Israel over the previous years. He knows he will never walk into the promised land. Moses can see the land, but God told him, he would not be allowed to cross over into the promised land with the people he raised over the past forty years. Moses grew to know those people like his own children. Moses watched each of their parents die on that long wilderness journey. Moses lost count of the sons and daughters he had to comfort. As Moses stood in front of Israel, teaching them what God instructed him to teach, Moses felt a deep desire to leave Israel with the best instructions he was capable of providing. Moses knew, he was about to climb that mountain to die. Moses left all those complaints and trials behind him in the desert as he addressed Israel with last minute instructions. Moses showed his concern for Israel as he spent his last days doing what Moses was called to do, prepare Israel for the promised land.


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