A look at the Tabernacle like you have never seen once you realize the design began in Genesis. You will read about lessons God gave this planet to prepare one generation to accept the role of God’s kingdom of priests. As soon as you see how God’s design and instructions began before sin entered this world, you will begin to understand the spiritual level of every item in the Tabernacle.



This book uses a verse by verse approach to understand the Tabernacle. When I prayed about starting this book, the answer was, “at the beginning.” After I began writing, that made sense. To understand the Tabernacle, we have to understand God’s personality. That’s when items in the Tabernacle began to come alive. What better way to understand the Tabernacle then to study the subject the way Moses recorded it? I can’t think of a better way. I’m sure after reading this book, you’ll agree. Can anyone improve on the sequence God gave Moses? The Tabernacle reflects Jesus’ personality as well as His dedication, ambitions, and goals. The Tabernacle is like Jesus’ application to this world to be their Messiah, Savior, God, King, High Priest, and Friend. This book shows how a series of stories in the Bible led to the Israelites leaving Egypt, covers the collection of materials for the Tabernacle, as well as instructions and directions God gave to Moses to build the Tabernacle.


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