This second book in this series focuses on the most important aspects of the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle is constructed, set up, and Aaron displays the role of the high priest. Although Israel turned down God’s offer to be a kingdom of priests, the lessons continued. This book focuses on those lessons in such a way, we can see those are lessons about the priesthood we should be learning from and using in modern Christianity.



The second book in this series deals with items used to build the Tabernacle. Who was involved, what materials were used, and how the design came together. This book does not jump around from book to book inside the Bible in the hopes of finding answers that seem to make sense. Instead, this book follows a simple rule of context stating, when a question arises, look back for the answer. This book was written on the fact, it was written by the world’s greatest Teacher, Jesus. A good teacher will always provide the answer before asking the question. The Bible was written using that concept as a consistent rule. As we shall see, the answers Christ gave are often far different than many of the interpretations scattered around this world. Some of the answers may surprise you. And many of you will find yourself saying, “I knew that all along.”


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