This is the third book in a series of books looking at the Tabernacle, stone temple, and Heavenly Sanctuary. This book looks at how Israel accepted, used, and viewed the Tabernacle, and how those views effect Christianity today.



The main theme of this book is to identify and take an in depth look at each story related to the priesthood and services inside the Tabernacle. Most people look at the services and symbols, never noticing Moses omitted explanations revealing the spiritual meaning of those symbols. Missing that little details omits one of the most important questions in scripture. Why didn’t Moses explain the symbols in the Tabernacle? Once we see what appears to be missing in the books Moses recorded, we can begin to see and understand the concise sequence God used to teach Moses the prophet, Aaron the high priest, Aaron’s sons, the Levites, and other people in the community. God used a distinct pattern to teach each of them. Of course God had a good reason to follow those patterns. Each of those sequences equips us with valuable information we need to effectively reach the world today. In essence, Moses recorded a handbook for teachers of all ages. How that information is used is up to you.


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