My first book on the Tabernacle with a unique view on the construction of the Tabernacle based on an engineering angle.



This book takes a fresh look at the Tabernacle built by Moses in the wilderness. Using 20 plus years of engineering experience, prayer and the Bible, each item in the Tabernacle is discussed on both physical and spiritual terms. How did Israel know what materials, tools and items were required from Egypt? How did the parts fit together? What are the meanings of the symbols and how do they fit together in the plan of salvation? What did they point to? What is the spiritual meaning for the colors blue, red, and purple? What do the materials, gold, silver, and bronze represent? The most exciting study shows how the altar made of wood covered in brass survived the flames. Each detail reveals the fulfillment of Jesus’ ministry as well as explaining our role in God’s plan of salvation. This book is not an end to the mysteries surrounding the Tabernacle, but a beginning to inspire others to search the scriptures to reveal a deeper relationship with God with an open heart.


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