Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles

Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles

Samuel was the last judge in Israel. Israel decided they wanted to be like other nations. Israel asked Samuel for a king. Of course Samuel consulted with God on the matter. It wasn’t Samuel that Israel was rejecting. Israel was rejecting God.

Samuel provided a list of the warnings God gave Israel before they made their final decision. God told Israel what kings would do and what they expected the people to do for them. God’s warning to Israel was only the tip of the iceberg of problems with government we see today. What lessons do we learn from that?

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Saul of course was the first king God chose. Saul didn’t work out well. So God chose a new king, David. David also had his problems and issues. Many of the books and studies on this site look at times David prayed to God before making a decision, and times he forgot to pray.

Studies and books on this site look at the kings in order. The Tabernacle, Temple, and Heavenly Sanctuary look at the relationship each of those kings had with the stone temple.

Kings and Chronicles looked at those kings from different view points, and at times, in a slightly different order. Inspired writers used those types of records to get us to look at problems and issues those kings faced from different directions. Each is unique and teaches a different lesson.

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