Daniel Shows How God Communicated with Him

This section contains a collection of video Bible Studies. Each looks at a chapter in the Book of Daniel focusing on the lessons Daniel described about how God communicated with him. Each time God chose a different way to communicate with Daniel. At the beginning of each chapter Daniel recorded those details. Those details are what we need to pay attention to. When teachers, theologians, preachers, pastors, fortune tellers, and other mediums skip over the all important facts, HOW GOD COMMUNICATES WITH US, they are left with nothing more than guesses, conjectures, information from this world, and the always present, “I think.” In other words, personal opinions. Teachers may try to use a Bible text or two to support their ideas on what Daniel recorded, but what good are those without the knowledge of how God communicated with Daniel, and how God communicates with us?

This Bible series points out and discusses each type of communication God used with Daniel. Each chapter was different and unique. Each chapter in Daniel was designed as a guide to teach us how to listen to God. Which has become a lost art in the world today. Advances in science, the computer age, communication, and that ever present human pride has separated us from God to such an extent, human wisdom has replaced God’s guidance to a large degree.

Without a direct connection with God, studies on the prophecies Daniel recorded can never be solved. People have been guessing for generations. In their studies they have neglected to review two vital elements. The first of course is how God communicated with Daniel. The actual stories show how Daniel was confused at times. God gave Daniel a prophecy about the time he lived in, and Daniel had no idea what those symbols represented. Daniel had to admit he could never solve those mysteries on his own. Daniel has no choice but to wait for God to explain those symbols.
The second detail in Daniel most people neglect is the study of how the Bible recorded the fulfillment of those prophecies given to Daniel. God used a specific pattern between the prophecy and the fulfillment often recorded by a different prophet living at a different time. When we study the specific literary pattern God used to link the prophecy to the recorded fulfillment, no one can argue with the facts presented in scripture. God never recorded a prophecy without later recording its fulfillment. That is one of those marvelous things that makes God, God and the Bible the only reliable source of spiritual information.

If nothing else, these videos are a guide showing safety features and safeguards God placed in the Bible. Lessons showing how to identify a true prophet working with God, and a false prophet working for some worldly faction. No matter what that worldly faction may be, they will not and cannot follow the simple patterns God laid out in His Word. Those literary patterns would instantly expose the false prophet. After viewing these videos, you will be able to distinguish between a message from Heaven and one conceived in this world in only a few minutes.