Patterns in the Bible

Patterns in the Bible

  • When something is unusual, it is time to pay attention.

When God repeats Himself, it is time to pay attention.

  • When you see patterns forming, list them in a chart. Charts make it much easier to see the connection between related events and where they are leading.

  • Once a pattern is established, and we see a break in it, this is an indication to pay attention. It often indicates a movement into a new event. Often a break in an established pattern leads into a sever warning or a wonderful promise of fulfillment.

There is one thing about patterns in the Bible. People can and will see different patterns. I’ve seen a few patterns in the Bible, other people see different patterns in the Bible. If you see any patterns not listed in this book, or on this Internet Post, let me know. We can share and increase our knowledge of Patterns in the Bible.

That’s one of the ways God works. That is a pattern of teaching God uses. God will show one person a bit of information or a pattern in the Bible, and another person other information, and a whole different pattern in the Bible.

How do you find patterns in the Bible. The only way to find Patterns in the Bible is to read a whole lot of the Bible. Reread and reread the Bible. Compare chapters, stories, the Old Testament with the New Testament, and go back and do it over again and again. God shares the most interesting details with His most dedicated students.