Where Was God Introduction

I originally started this book to look back and see how God was working in some of the major events since 2020. Where was God when the election was fixed and why didn’t God do anything about it? Why was the world shown a leader like President Trump only to be replaced with someone like Joe Biden? We owe it to ourselves to ask questions when we see such contrasts. Anyone who has read the Bible will see those contrasts in stories about Judah’s kings. For the most part people remember when wicked kings were replaced by leaders who followed God and reforms they introduced. But what about the evil kings who took over after the handful of good kings? That is where we find ourselves under the Biden administration.

Needless to say the world is facing a propaganda war. The Bible says something about calling evil good and good evil. That is what the world is having forced upon it since 2020. Why is God allowing that? For one thing, God wants to world to know He expects His people to think, investigate, and form a decision. In reality the world has been divided into two groups. Those who blindly follow the left and those who look at what is spoon fed and compare it to common sense, reality, natural science, and whatever it takes to view the subject at hand.

As time marched on through 2023 the list of events to write about grew faster and faster. It is easy to sit back and see one subject after another and wonder how the left, who claim to focus on advanced education, come up with the most ridiculous ways of defending their arguments with a handful of pathetic statements. The latest in March of 2023 claims pollution is racist. Which is a good example showing how a tiny bit of truth is spun in such a way the left actually believes they have an argument no one can disagree with. The Bible contains a number of stories where Jesus answered questions in such a way no one could argue with the answer. Which is another way the philosophers on the left are trying to play god. Sure we all agree pollution is a problem that needs to be dwelt with. Which is what the left does. They introduce a subject we can all agree with. Without hesitation they jump into claims contrary to common sense. In the latest claim, white supremacists drive their cars to work which produces pollution poor people need to deal with. Of course the claim pushes their agenda of color to every extreme they could think of. In essence making a drive to work a racist issue. To claim only white supremacists work is one of the most misleading statements we have ever heard. In reality the statement itself is racist. But the left is unable to see their own racism. Which leads us to the fact, the philosophers from the left have no practical experience in any field beyond communist training. They never worked a real job. They never achieved anything in their lives beyond futile attempts to push their agenda. Not a single leftist philosopher has offered a single logical idea to solve any pollution issue. They think wind, solar power, and electric cars are plausible solutions. Based on their lack of practical experience, they never accounted for the amount of pollution added to the atmosphere to produce solar panels, wind turbines, controls and wiring required to introduce them to the power grid, and the amount of energy they produce compared to present electrical requirements. The same is true with electric cars. No one has ever investigated the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere to produce every component it takes to produce a new car and compare that to the amount of pollution an electric car is supposed to reduce. Calculations would also have to include mining for battery materials, battery production, shipping and handling, and of course producing electricity to recharge those batteries. No one has a hard copy of calculations to prove any pollution reduction. Replacing gas cars with electric cars on a grand scale will actually produce more pollution in the short term. No one has bothered to do the calculations required to prove electric cars will result in lower emissions over the life of the car. How do we know when no one has ever investigated the actual figures. Which is a clear example showing the inexperience of the left. They come up with an idea. Convince themselves it is the only solution. Expect everyone to agree with them. Whenever anyone asks logical questions, the left finds a way of turning it into a racial issue. To think the people who want to run the world are the most inexperienced, illogical, stubborn, misguided, and lazy people on earth. Their resumes lack accomplishments in every practical field they claim to be experts in.

As time marched on since 2020 the list of major subjects and events grew exponentially. At times it is difficult to remember what the left is trying to distract people from. For the most part every distraction can be traced back to questions about the 2020 election, mail in ballots, and vote totals drastically altered from election day to the vote total provided days and weeks after the election. Add to that January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol. Two years after that event a number of videos have been released showing quite a different story than the story spun and shared by the January Select Committee who had their own version of what happened and did their best to push their narrative while concealing the majority of evidence. The view released by Tucker Carlson on March 2023 was met with predictable resistance from the left. As expected, the majority of comments made no sense. Democrats and their supporters claimed that viewing all of the evidence on January 6th was a threat to their democracy. Which was a confession. The left wants people to believe they are superior. The left wants the world to believe the average person is unable to process facts to make a logical and correct decision. Which means, leaders on the left are faced with the task of reviewing details and explaining it to the general public in an understandable fashion. To the left that sounds logical based on the fact, they cannot handle questions nor anyone who disagrees with them. I am sure most people have at one time or another worked with the manager from hell who spouts out orders and refuses to accept questions or ideas from anyone under them. Which may be the best example of the goal of the left. A worldwide community of workers under them with no questions and no feedback that may throw their superiority into question.

Hunter’s laptop is a major question. One that is directly tied to Internet censorship. Months before the 2020 election the FBI had Hunter’s laptop. All the information about that laptop was scrubbed from major media sites on the Internet. After Elon Musk purchased Twitter, evidence confirmed the FBI worked with Twitter to censor information about the laptop and other subjects the FBI and left considered sensitive. That list grew everyday to the point is appeared easier to censor people who asked questions and didn’t agree with their agenda. Why would God allow that? In a way that censorship forced people to dig deeper, rely on more sources, and if they were smart, hone the skills they need to listen to God. As we usually see, plans from the left have a tendency to backfire.

In one way or another all the distractions engineered by the left tie back to a handful of events. Number one is the eventual goal to take over the world. A group of elite business owners joined a group known as the World Economic Forum (WEF). On the surface they want to appear as a group of major business owners, media giants, and big tech experts dedicated to bringing world peace and ending hunger. In reality we’ve seen those tech giants introduce censorship on unprecedented levels. WEF business owners raised prices at the same time causing inflation not seen for generations. The WEF has dedicated itself to defacing Trump and all his supporters. A quick review of comments made by WEF members as well as information on their website reveal close ties communists and socialist beliefs.

Everyone has seen and/or experienced the increase in crime that has shot up dramatically since 2021. DA’s and judges tied to George Soros and WEF funds have been releasing criminals in a revolving door style of justice. Key democrats led the charge by establishing funds to bail out people arrested during the riots in 2020. Democrat run cities have introduced laws to release criminals on low to no bond. Putting criminals back on the street within hours to add to the crime figures.

The open border is another issue. Democrats claim they are giving normal people a chance at a new life attempting to make their efforts appear noble. At the same time they cast a blind eye to the fentanyl and other drug problems attributed to the open border and Mexican cartel interests freely operating in the United States. Democrats claim problems caused by the open border are fake news which includes fentanyl deaths, increased crime to pay for drug addition, human trafficking, and prostitution. The open border is only one litmus test showing how democrat/socialists claim to have a noble stand on a subject while their actions show the exact opposite.

Higher taxes, out of control government spending, record inflation, higher interest rates, and new IRS laws and data gathering are all issues pointing to the plan to take control of the world by bankrupting the average person, small businesses including farmers who are responsible for feeding the world. Members of the WEF grow richer as the rest of the world grows poorer while watching their purchasing power diminish.

The list of events, actions, comments, new laws that favor criminals, global warming claims, gender revolution demands, rumors of wars, and other issues grows everyday. It only seemed logical to scrap the idea of another printed book that involves limitations and use the technology we have today to release stories on the internet in the form of short stories. Many people have no idea how to look for God operating in the back ground every minute of everyday on every subject. The saddest part of all this is, too many people have drifted so far to the left they have no desire to seek God’s view on any subject. Too many on the left have dedicated their lives to stand against God. That’s their choice and there is little we can do about their choices. We live in a country where that right is protected. On the other hand nothing is stopping us from encouraging one another and possibly reaching millions sitting on the fence until they figure out who is going to eventually win the war between good and evil. So far we still have that right. One of the best weapons we have is God’s reaction to the left’s claim to have the power, knowledge,and ability to control the weather. The entire left has rallied behind the global warming banner. On one hand spending money on global warming has opened a flood gate of funds to further enrich a handful of the elite in control of as well as receiving government funds. On the other hand we see God countering with weather results contrary to what the left wants the world to believe. The world has always seen weather extremes. We need to pay attention to those extremes. Some of which center on California. The more Californian pushes to exceed the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, the more record snow and cold they see. Which is the opposite of what the left philosophers have predicted. While the left predicts record high temperatures that will destroy the earth in a few short years, the Lord feeds them record snow and cold. Once again the left is faced with actual results they cannot explain.

Everyday the left finds new ways to stumble, bumble, and exposes themselves and their plans. So without further ado. let’s get into it.