Mark 5 Demon Possessed Man Arrived

Mark 5 Demon Possessed Man Arrived

Did you ever notice how inspired writers arranged certain words and phrases in scripture in a way that tells a much deeper spiritual story? Mark gives us a perfect example of an inspired writer.

Mark 5:1-6 NLTse So they arrived at the other side of the lake, in the region of the Gerasenes. (2) When Jesus climbed out of the boat, a man possessed by an evil spirit came out from a cemetery to meet him. (3) This man lived among the burial caves and could no longer be restrained, even with a chain. (4) Whenever he was put into chains and shackles–as he often was–he snapped the chains from his wrists and smashed the shackles. No one was strong enough to subdue him. (5) Day and night he wandered among the burial caves and in the hills, howling and cutting himself with sharp stones. (6) When Jesus was still some distance away, the man saw him, ran to meet him, and bowed low before him.

In this case Mark wrote using a list of words related to movement. When we look at that list, they tell a story most people miss.


Climbed out

came out from


Lived among

put into

wandered among

some distance away

ran to meet him

When we look at the spiritual application we see the story unfold.

Jesus arrived. This is the beginning of a new life and hope.

Jesus came out of the boat. Jesus moved out of His comfort zone into the the life of the man who needed help.

The man came out of a cemetery, from among the dead. This is a move most people need to make Often they are stuck living and some times worshiping among the dead. People going no where in their spiritual life.

The man moved to meet Jesus.

The man lived among the tombs but knew there was a better life, a better way.

People tried to restrain the man, keep him locked up. They didn’t want him to move to Jesus. But those chains couldn’t stop him. He broke free and went to meet Jesus.

When the man wandered among the burial cave, he knew that wasn’t the right place for him. In the story they used physical chains, but the man could also see and feel the spiritual chains.

When Jesus was some distance away, the man could feel the pull. Without saying a word, the man could hear Jesus’ call. He knew Jesus was what he was looking for. He knew Jesus was what he needed.

The man didn’t waste any time. He ran to Jesus leaving the physical and spiritual chains behind.

When we look back at the previous story, we see how Jesus performed a miracle in that boat by calming a storm. It was as if the man could feel Jesus’ presence while He was still far away in the middle of the lake battling Satan and the storm he sent. The man was only a short distance away and felt that same storm. He felt the wind and rain. The man saw the waves. He saw the storm stop. The next thing he saw was a boat arriving. Then he saw Jesus coming out of that boat. We can see how the man was able to form a spiritual connection of trust with Jesus before he saw Him in the distance.