Bible Study: For Real for Eternity


This may not be the only book you need to study the Bible, but this book may be the easiest Bible Study manual to use and understand. It contains clear examples in color, covers step by step instructions, and is written in simple English. Download the 24 page sample before you buy the full version. It will change the way you view and study the Bible.


Why study the Bible? I hear a number of people ask that question. I should say a number of Christians ask that question. Why should you learn how to study the Bible? I’ve also met a number of new Christians who asked me how they should study the Bible. I know from experience, no one is going to jump up to the level of study I’ve been able to find, learn, and verify in the scriptures. How did I achieve my level of expertise in the scriptures? I learned a few basic study methods, and you know what, I saw how the Bible is designed to be a self teaching set of books. People who read a lot of the Bible know that. Some are even able to explain exactly how the Bible is able to teach people how to read and understand everything in the Bible. Or at least what they are ready to learn, what Jesus is ready to teach, and what God is ready to reveal. And one more thing. Opening the Bible without the Spirit along side of you to guide you will never do anyone any good. You need the Spirit to begin, progress to the next level, and give you what you need when you need it.


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