Key Words in Understanding all Parables

Key Words in Understanding all Parables

It may be a little difficult to explain what key words are, and how the Bible uses them, but an example should answer a lot of questions. First off we need to review the general Bible Study rules related to Key Words.

  1. Key words are words the author repeated to draw attention to his main thought, point, or lesson. Key words are words that are the SAME, SIMILAR, or RELATED. Highlighting key words helps to show the main thought in scripture as well as patterns you may otherwise miss. It may take a bit of practice to develop a pattern highlighting key words. I look at it as a fundamental and necessary way for God’s Spirit to slow you down and get you to listen. It’s difficult to thoroughly highlight all the key words in one pass. You have no choice but to go back and forth over scripture to do a complete job.

  1. Key words are also contrasts. In this case a simple contrast is shown between new and old. Always look for contrasts used as key words. When contrasting key words are used, look for contrasting examples teaching the same lesson in the chapter.

  1. Authors repeat key words to draw attention to their use as symbols. Remember, symbols always point to something far greater.

The best thing to do is read through the example. Look at how key words are grouped together in sets, and how key words are used in parables.

Thank you for reading the introduction to this study. This study explains how to highlight words in scripture. Unfortunately WordPress will not work with highlighted words. But PDF will. Please click on the PDF link below to view this study in full color.

Chapter 3 Key Words in Understanding all Parables