Gospels and Acts

Gospels and Acts

The Gospels consist of four books written by Jesus’ followers. Matthew is the first Gospel in the Bible and may contain some of the best stories in the Bible. Mathew is known for his skill of story writing. All the Gospels are of course a collection of stories. But each writer has their own style and at times, a slightly different sequence. People may wonder about that. A serious student of the Bible will tell you why. When studied from the spiritual aspect, the sequence of stories plays a vital role in calling attention to particular details. One story builds into the next story. Each Gospel writer brings particular spiritual lessons to light based on the order of the stories recorded.

Mark is the second Gospel. Mark is known for his quick transition from one story to the next. Mark also added some of the greatest background detail to some of his stories.

Luke is the third Gospel in the series. Luke the physician has a different way of viewing the physical aspects of Jesus’ ministry and uses that attention to detail to place himself in the role of a new person seeking Jesus. Luke arranges his stories in a simple timeline flowing more like a novel than a history book.

John focused his interest on the spiritual side of Jesus’ ministry and paid particular attention to the work of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life. Also the work the Spirit had to do to prepare people to meet Jesus that day. John’s Gospel contains three detailed chapters on the Holy Spirit found only in his book.

Acts is a collection of stories about the ministries the apostles lead after Jesus’ resurrection. Acts also introduced a new apostle, Paul. The stories in Acts teach a great deal about Christian growth, hardships, and the way the world viewed that new religion coming on the scene.

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