This is the entire Gospel of Luke in one book. It may be broken into smaller books at a later date. Enjoy.



This book is based on Luke’s Gospel and takes a simple look at how God’s Spirit worked ahead of each and every event in Jesus’ ministry. Think about all those details God’s Spirit had to set into motion so hundreds of prophecies could be fulfilled exactly on time. Once we understand how God’s Spirit works, it opens up a whole new understanding of the Messiah.

The first step is to look back and understand the process in the original design – God’s plan of salvation. This book was written by following a few basic rules of context and explains each rule in simple terms by showing when, where, and how Luke used those rules to write his Gospel. Once you learn a few of those simple patterns, you’ll see God’s Word open up in a way you never imaged. If your one of those Christians who’ve been told, “God’s Spirit just doesn’t talk to this world anymore,” or, “we already have all the information we need,” you gotta read this book and share it.


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