This is the second in a series of books on John’s Gospel. It is also the final book in a series on the Gospels. What sets this book apart is the way it is laid out to teach people how to study the Bible on their own. Color coded words highlight the author’s main theme in texts as well as showing the main thoughts in the lessons and parables Jesus taught. Bible icons describe rules of context John followed while writing his book. Those rules are explained in simple English. This books centers on how Jesus prepared for each meeting and event in His ministry describing how God’s Spirit worked in the back ground to prepare Jesus to deliver specific messages at the right time to the right people while fulfilling prophecies at the right moment. Prophecies Jesus fulfilled are compared to recorded prophecies in the Old Testament. The main goal of this book, as well as other books I’ve written is to show people how to draw into a stronger relationship with God as well as share and teach that relationship to others.


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