This is the first of a 2 part series on the book of Deuteronomy and one book in a series of books on the Tabernacle. The beginning of this series shows how the Tabernacle came about, how it was designed, built, the services in and around the Tabernacle, and the priesthood.



We have to remember, the audience Moses addressed on the plain overlooking the Jordan River was the younger generation. Their parents died in the wilderness because they were afraid to follow God into the promised land. They died because they were afraid to accept the priesthood God offered them one month after leaving Egypt. Jesus had to die to restore that offer. Today, this world is filled with people carrying that same fear as they wander their self made wilderness of sin, greed, and the worst giant to face, self. Israel had to remember the days spent in Egypt as children to teach the future generations what it meant to be a slave living in a nation sin. This is NOT a self help book. It is a book Moses wrote, telling us how to let God lead, and how to do one of the most difficult things we will ever be asked, look back on our lives of sin and slavery with totally honesty, then teach others what we’ve learned. After that, we are ready to take a refreshing look at the New Testament.


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