The is the second in a series of books about the prophecies Jesus fulfill. If you want to understand Biblical prophecy, this is the book for you. This book explains how the Bible itself reveals the fulfillment of each prophecy.



Having gone through a number of studies on the prophecies Jesus fulfilled in the first book, patterns begin to emerge and lessons built one upon another. Simple study processes such as searching New Testament texts to find the fulfillment of a prophecy were covered, explained, and practiced. Prophecies introduced and identified symbols. New Testament texts explained the spiritual meaning of each symbol. Every series of lessons added new study techniques taught by scripture. Later lessons showed how study involved more than comparing a few texts to reveal a lesson. Scripture showed how entire chapters can be compared. Using the simple rules of context matched up parallel chapters that unlocked details in messages not previously seen. The lessons proved so deep it left me in awe as I saw details in the Bible only God could have placed there. This book is the second in a series on the prophecies Jesus fulfilled. I never suspected I would find the kind of details God’s Spirit slowly brought to the surface. I learned how to conduct simple word studies about thirty years ago. After years of using the simple process of comparing texts to unlock the spiritual meanings of key words, I happened to meet Dr. Lee Gugliotto at one of his seminars. Dr. Lee introduced me to Inductive Studies which opened up the Bible to me. For the past couple of years I’ve been studying with Dr. Lee on his online courses. I was surprised see how simple the process he uses to teach simple Bible Study techniques is. I was more surprised to find those same rules recorded in the Bible. Basic Bible Study methods first showed up while writing a book on Mark. Between chapters four and eight, Jesus introduced the simple concepts of repetition and looking back to see established patterns. Jesus also taught His disciples to see the difference between this world and Heaven. There are a lot of influences we have to overcome before we can clearly hear and see messages and guidance from Heaven. Once this is achieved, God’s voice becomes clear through His Word and prayer. Listening in prayer is another feature we need to practice. God’s Spirit is alive, well, and reaching out to this world everyday. This book and others like it are evidence God is announcing something is about to happen. The fact remains, Satan is trying harder than ever before to take God’s Word away from as many as he can. We called it the dark ages when the established church tried to lock away God’s Word. They lusted after control. They were controlled by greed. They feared the effects God’s Spirit would have on society if His Word was available to common people. They knew they would loose control and their income. God raised up faithful followers to bring God’s Word to the world. My main goal is to teach people how to study on their own. I’ve seen a lot of study methods, but not all of them can be verified in scripture. This series of books points out rules of context taught in most institutions of higher learning. I don’t use the million dollars words students are normally required to memorize. Each study step is explained in detail in plain simple English so readers can quickly begin using these study methods. I’ve also traced back many of these study methods to find, many of them are between 150 to 200 years old. Many of the basic doctrines taught by churches today were established using these simple rules of context. If your new to Bible study, I would suggest a basic method such as highlighting keys words. Key words are those that are the same, similar, or related. This series of books points out those words and explains how to recognize them. Another study method to start out with is to compare scripture you have a problem understanding with the introduction and summation of the chapter. If your familiar with the Bible, one method that will open new doors to understanding is to look back at the previous story to identify the spiritual relationship they share.


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