The 5th book in a continuing series that shows how to match prophecies with the recorded fulfillment. This is a skill taught a generation ago but has all but disappeared. This series of book is for the serous student of the Bible. The book contains a collection of prophecies in Psalms with the step by step process to match the prophecy with the fulfillment recorded in the Bible. Never guess again on any prophecy.



This fifth book in this series covers the last half of Psalms. This book covers some of the most commonly identified prophecies about Jesus such as dash your foot against the stone, the stone the builders rejected, He calms the flood, as well as the longest chapter and prophecy in the Bible, Psalm 119. This book is a good place to begin, if your used to jumping in at the middle of a story. Since this book contains a number of prophecies most people are familiar with, it should be easy to understand and come up to speed. But it is best if you begin in the first book in this series that starts in Genesis. This series covers the prophecies about Jesus in the order they appear in scripture. I’m not sure if anyone ever realized how those prophecies take the serious Bible student through a series of study methods only God could have placed in a set of books written over generations. Studying those prophecies in the order they were created will amaze even seasoned theologians. I’m sure you and those theologians will be amazed when reading the simple examples of Bible Study procedures God included in those prophecies. After reading those studies in order, no one can deny God’s existence and His hand in creating the Bible. It is proof positive the Bible was divinely influenced every step of the way.


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