E-Sword Bible Study Program


You need the right set of tools to efficiently study the Bible. Of course the Holy Spirit is fundamental. You are never going anywhere with the Holy Spirit. What do you do after you make that connection with the Holy Spirit? You normally look up the scripture the Spirit shared with you. That normally leads to another story in the Bible, and another story, and another. There are times you need to look up the original meaning of a Hebrew or Greek word. There are a number of things you may have to do in the Bible. You have to coordinate, and process all that information in the best way to share it. Other important tools are of course the Bible, and a Concordance. Both are packaged in just about every Bible Study program on the market. What is the best Bible Study program? The one you are most comfortable with, find easy to use, and is well formatted and organized. One of the best Bible Study programs I have used is e-Sword. Best of all, e-Sword is FREE. It doesn’t get much better than one of the most advanced Bible Study programs for free. Here is a short video showing a number of features on e-Sword, and some of the tricks you may want to learn.