Daniel Chapter 3

This 15 minute video shows more about Nebuchadnezzar, that statue he made, and the trial in that burning oven than any other video because it shows what is in Daniel chapter 6 by staying in Daniel chapter 3. This video will show how much can be learned by looking at the context of a chapter, which is looking at exactly God had Daniel record.

What is context? After watching this video you will see exactly what context is in the Bible, how the words flow together, and how the Bible actually explains symbols. Everything is taken from the Bible and no outside information is added. These videos are quite unique.

Daniel’s style of writing shows us how God repeats certain words to draw our attention to the main theme in the stories.

Daniel Chapter 3 may seem like a simple story in the surface, but look at it a little deeper. Daniel chapter 3 illustrates a battle between God and a Pagan nation. And what happened in the end? It is a lesson Israel needed in those days, and a lesson we need to pay attention to today.