Bible Dates and Times

I seldom watch videos. You watch one video with one idea. The next has a totally different view. Especially when it comes to the Bible and history. When you combine history in the Bible, you have millions of different views. Bible dates and times should be easy to agree on. Bible dates and times are recorded in the most accurate and reliable source in the world. The Bible. But are those Bible dates and times accurate? And why do we need uninspired human sources to confirm the Bible? Especially the dates and time. It doesn’t make sense. And what sources are most reliable?

I’m not sure. I did receive a copy of a study years ago I didn’t pay much attention to. It was full of numbers, dates, and such. Not along my line of interest. I didn’t give that a single thought until I ran across this video. This video on Bible dates and times it well done. It is food for thought. This video on Bible dates and times compares a few old manuscripts. I have read a little about those manuscripts and would agree with this video. There were good and poor copies of the Old Testament circulated around way before Jesus was born, and after His resurrection. This video on Bible dates and times is well worth a viewing.


Daniel Chapter 3

This 15 minute video shows more about Nebuchadnezzar, that statue he made, and the trial in that burning oven than any other video because it shows what is in Daniel chapter 6 by staying in Daniel chapter 3. This video will show how much can be learned by looking at the context of a chapter, which is looking at exactly God had Daniel record.

What is context? After watching this video you will see exactly what context is in the Bible, how the words flow together, and how the Bible actually explains symbols. Everything is taken from the Bible and no outside information is added. These videos are quite unique.

Daniel’s style of writing shows us how God repeats certain words to draw our attention to the main theme in the stories.

Daniel Chapter 3 may seem like a simple story in the surface, but look at it a little deeper. Daniel chapter 3 illustrates a battle between God and a Pagan nation. And what happened in the end? It is a lesson Israel needed in those days, and a lesson we need to pay attention to today.


Daniel Chapter 2

This short video explains the context of Daniel Chapter 2 in less than 15 minutes. This is the chapter where Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and Daniel explained what that dream meant. When we look at the context of this chapter, we see details most people missed. Some of the most amazing facts you”ll find here first. This short video will teach you Bible Study methods you won’t find anywhere else.

Daniel Chapter 2 contains an easy story to understand. That is why some teachers begin a series of studies in this chapter. Explanations seem rather simple. Teachers build up confidence and credibility before moving onto prophecies in Daniel’s book. That is when things begin to shift. Less and less attention is given to scripture and more attention is focused on human understanding, news media, history books, and other sources outside the Bible. This video shows people how to remain focused on the Bible and exactly how the Bible explains itself, answers questions, and in fact, teaches us how to study the Bible.



Daniel Chapters 1 and 2

Most people know Daniel communicated with God through prayer when his life was on the line. Nebuchadnezzar had a dream no one could explain. When all looked dim, Daniel and his friends turned to God. Like many of us do. Why did God answer Daniel and his friends? When we look at the story the way it was written, we can see so many details – you would ask why you never saw those simple details before.

This video covers the basic introduction to Daniel’s book. Before we can understand the rest of Daniel’s book, we have to understand the introduction. Most people think they know Daniel Chapters 1 and 2. But have you ever had the details in Daniel Chapters 1 and 2 explained just how they were written? Daniel loaded Chapters 1 and 2 with details that have a great bearing on the rest of his book.

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