Bible Dates and Times

I seldom watch videos. You watch one video with one idea. The next has a totally different view. Especially when it comes to the Bible and history. When you combine history in the Bible, you have millions of different views. Bible dates and times should be easy to agree on. Bible dates and times are recorded in the most accurate and reliable source in the world. The Bible. But are those Bible dates and times accurate? And why do we need uninspired human sources to confirm the Bible? Especially the dates and time. It doesn’t make sense. And what sources are most reliable?

I’m not sure. I did receive a copy of a study years ago I didn’t pay much attention to. It was full of numbers, dates, and such. Not along my line of interest. I didn’t give that a single thought until I ran across this video. This video on Bible dates and times it well done. It is food for thought. This video on Bible dates and times compares a few old manuscripts. I have read a little about those manuscripts and would agree with this video. There were good and poor copies of the Old Testament circulated around way before Jesus was born, and after His resurrection. This video on Bible dates and times is well worth a viewing.