This is the ninth and final book in this series. After reading a few chapters from any of these books, you will pick up and hone a number of Bible Study skills that will stick with you the rest of your life and open up the Bible like you never imagined, There should have never been any guesswork involved while interpreting prophecies. If people cannot show you the basic steps used in their interpretations, they have no business spreading around their guesswork. God had every prophecy recorded and often times had another author record the fulfillment long before it happened, or shortly after it was fulfilled. God used the same written style for each. All we have to do is be smart enough to like the prophecy with the recorded fulfillment.



This ninth and last book in this series covers some of the last prophecies about Jesus and some of the most passionate. Those prophecies are a mixture of hope, plans for the future, for us a review of the disciple’s early ministry, a model for our personal ministries, and some of the best known prophecies about Jesus and the sacrifice He gave this world. This book also contains the last prophecy in the Old Testament found at the end of Malachi. I know books could be written about that prophecy. The main focus of that prophecy is spiritual insight and cooperation. Spiritual insight is gained when readers learn to follow simple procedures to locate parallel chapters in scripture. What are parallel chapters? This series of books covers that subject while providing 160 examples of parallel chapters in action. The process is simple. Parallel chapters are located and matched by using a few key spiritual words found in both the prophecies and their recorded fulfillments. Don’t let anyone fool you, God recorded the fulfillment for every single one of His inspired prophecies long before anyone decided to consult scripture for answers. They are there. They do exist. And they follow the simple law of context God used to write the entire Bible. That’s how inspired people long ago were able to determine which books belong in the Bible, and which books didn’t belong in God’s Book. The concept of parallel chapters is simple. It is also the only concept that will work no matter which Bible interpretation or translation you use. In other words, the laws of context work with every language in this world. Only God could have formulated such a plan. Of course you have to use a good Bible interpretation that includes all the Bible. Some poor interpretations left out some scripture, and a few decided to add a few details. That still leaves hundreds of translations and interpretations to choose from. Searching key words may provide a list of possible chapters. In some cases, the fulfillment has been recorded in more than one book. Usually one will excel over the others. This is how you can tell which is the best recorded fulfillment. First look at how key words were used in the prophecy and compare that to the recorded fulfillment. Make sure they are covering the same subject. Now that the subject has been established, it is time to move onto the lesson. Since the prophecy and fulfillment cover the same subject, they will teach the same lesson. Does that make sense? The Bible is divided into chapters because everything in that chapter teaches the same lesson. Look at and compare the introduction to the prophecy and fulfillment. To be parallel chapters, they need to teach the same lesson. This is where it may be a little confusing. Many lessons are taught using contrasts. Which means, one chapter may contain a good example, or an example of what to do, or what God expects people to do. The other chapter may contain a bad example, or an example of what not to do. Put those two examples together and you’ll find a more complete lesson teaching ten times more than you’ve ever seen. This series of books follows a number of prophecies Jesus fulfilled in the order they are recorded. This series of books followed that order for an important reason, the order shows the exact sequence God used to teach people how to understand parallel chapters between the prophecies He gave and the their fulfillments He had recorded. Don’t forget, the fulfillments are just as inspired as the prophecies.


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