How does God communicate with Us

How many ways has God communicated with you? If you are asked, how does God communicate with us, how would you answer the question? Where would you go to provide Biblical proof? What stories would you share about personal experiences when God communicated with you? How does God communicate with us? If you are a Christian, the question must have come up. If people aren’t asking the question, how does God communicate with us, there has to be something wrong. If people aren’t talking about how God communicated with them, there must be something wrong.

Daniel had to rely on communication with God to make it through some of the trials he and his friends had to face. Daniel is one of the few government officials who stuck with God through thick and thin, and God communicated with Daniel on a number of platforms. Daniel had dreams, visions, talked with angels, and recorded everything. In fact, Daniel left us a guide book telling us exactly how God communicated with him, and why God used different moods of communication. When we read Daniel in the context it was written, we can’t help but see how important communication with God is. When something so simple saved Daniel’s life a number of times, made him second in command of the present world power, and secured his future, why not try communicating with God like Daniel did?

You can watch the entire series on Youtube.