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Why search all over the NET for your ministry needs––when they are all available under one umbrella?

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Serving, building or planting house churches for Jesus takes a lot of training. You’ll find it all here. We’ll show you step-by-step how to study the Bible, start a church in your home, or raise up churches for Christ in the homes of others. We’ll even teach you how to pastor, worship, and witness with your own home church family.

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Ministry Links

This page contains a number of links to ministries I network with. Ministry links are websites that concentrate on the following ministries:

  • Teaching people how to study the Bible on their own
  • Useful Bible Study Tools
  • Listening to the Holy Spirit
  • Communicating with God
  • Certain Health Pages

In general, these ministry links help lead people directly to God. For the most part these are independent ministry links with little to no affiliation to any denominations. Keep in mind these ministry links are self funded. They pay their own expenses for Internet access, website hosting, software, computers, domain fees, licenses, and other expenses related to on line and Internet ministries. So if you see a DONATE button, don’t shy away.

If you would like to add your site, send me a note. The easiest way is to leave a comment at the bottom of this post. The message comes to me. You need to register with a name and email address. If you don’t want the message added to public viewing in the comment area, make a quick Private Message note.

Ministry links are not limited to the list above, but will not include any sites too far to the left on prophecy, doctrine, and other such subjects. Each link is chosen based on the atmosphere, actual help offered, and non-invasive, and non-aggressive manner of introducing their ministry, offering assistance, and accepting views from Christians on different levels of development and personal ministries.

Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, and your referrals are always welcome.


Virtual Home Church.

Where can you go to make direct contact with God––in the coziness of your own home?

The only place we know is––Virtual Home Church––the Internet church at home that’s the next best thing to being there.

Growing up Christian, Wolfgang Simson says that he and many of his friends and colleagues “dreamed of a community… as simple as one-two-three… dynamic, explosive and able to turn a neighborhood and world upside down… a church that wouldn’t need huge amounts of money, or rhetoric, or control, or manipulation. A church that was nonreligious at heart, thrilled people to the core, and made them loose their tongues out of sheer joy and astonishment. A church that would simply teach us The Way to live… that not only had a message, but was the message.” ––The House Church Book, p. xi.